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My Wife Denies She’s A Tease – Chapter 2

I announced dinner was ready and we went to the table. Jason was a gentleman as he pulled out my chair and as I began to sit, he rubbed my ass. Jason and Bob couldn’t complement me enough about the dinner. Jason then turned to Bob and asked, "Bob, are you sure, you know what I will do to your wife"? Bob was smiling as he said, "Yes, I want sandy to enjoy her first black man. You have my permission, better yet, I insist you use her body".

As we were getting up and going toward the living room, Bob leaned in to my ear and said, "Go the our bedroom and get your present". I had a quizzical look as Bob then said, "Go, don’t take too long". I went into our bedroom and saw two boxes on the bed.

There was a note, ‘With all my love to my sexy wife’.

I opened the smaller box and found a pair of patent leather pumps with 5" heels. The larger box, I was stunned as I pulled a sheer black baby-doll gown out. It had a halter neck tie, bow between the breasts and ruffled flyaway front that only extended to mid hip. A matching sheer black G-string panty. I almost ripped my dress as I was in such a hurry to change. Quickly I got dressed for MY men and looked at my ‘fuck me now’ image in the mirror.

They saw me entering the living room and Jason stood as Bob said, "Jason, may I present my wife for your pleasure". Jason extended his hand as he said, "God, you are beautiful". I couldn't wait and pushed him down on the couch. I didn’t waist time in unbuttoning his pants, pulling his zipper down and tugging his pants and boxers down. I locked my lips around his fat black cock and sucked as much of him into my mouth as I could. I could feel his foreskin moving as I pumped his cock in and out of my mouth.

I enjoyed the taste of his pre-cum as I worked to make him erupt his ejaculate. I wanted this cock bad and glanced toward Bob. He was smiling and had his pants down to his ankles as he stroked his cock in one hand and a video camera in the other. Jason was then moaning as I fondled his balls and inched more of his cock toward my throat. His hands then held my head as he said, "That’s it baby, take me, suck this black cock". I then moved one hand down and began to masturbate my clit as my pussy pulsed with my flowing juices.

I felt Jason’s cock expand as he held the bulbous head at my throat. His legs then began to spasm as I felt the first volley of his sperm spraying my throat. I swallowed as each shot of cum pumped from his cock. I heard Bob say, "Don’t swallow it all yet". I glanced and saw him holding his camera. Bod said, "I want to see your mouth full of his cum". As a dutiful wife, I followed his orders by keeping some of Jason’s cum in my mouth. When Jason slowly pulled out, Bob came close and took a close up video as I opened my mouth for his picture, then on cue, I swallowed.

Jason pulled me up and laid me on the couch and spread my legs. He then kissed and licked my inner thighs working slowly up to my pussy. I spread my legs as wide as possible, but when his tongue attached my labia, my legs then clamped his head tight as I began yelling from my exploding orgasm. My eyes were half shut as my legs began to quiver and my back arched. I was grabbing the couch cushions in a vice grip as I was screaming, "YES, YES, OH, FUCK, YES DEAR GOD". That did it, I now began to squirt my juices into Jason’s mouth. He began to suck and swallow what he could and continued to lick my pussy as his finger strummed my clit.

I began to relax from my first orgasm when Jason began to rub his hard cock up and down my slit. His bulbous head was spreading my labia and I mumbled, "Fuck that black cock in me". He teased me asking, "What do you want"? I then yelled, "FUCK ME, FUCK THAT BLACK COCK IN MY PUSSY. FUCK ME, FUCK ME". I finally felt his cock begin entering my canal. My muscles and nerves stretched to receive his shaft as I felt the pressure as my pussy opened. At first there was a pain/pleasure feeling and then turned to exquisite pleasure causing another shattering orgasm. My husband was now holding his video camera recording my extreme pleasure and screams as Jason was fucking me hard.

Soon, I felt Jason’s cock thrust into my cervix and he began a steady fucking. My arms wrapped around his neck as I pulled him to me. I opened my mouth as we kissed passionately. I was moaning as I felt his beautiful cock in a steady rhythm as my pussy pulsed and constricted against him. His lips left mine as he then said, "Your white pussy is so tight, I want to fuck you all night". I smiled and said, "Why not all weekend, your cock feels so good. I don’t want you to stop fucking me". Jason then asked me where I wanted him to cum. I told him that I wanted his cum inside me. He then groaned and said, "I’m ready to cum". I yelled, "YES, YES, CUM IN MY PUSSY, I WANT TO FEEL YOU FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM. FUCK MEEEEEE DEEP, YES, YES."

His cock rhythmically pulsed as his cum began to fill my womb. More and more pumped into me. My hand was around his balls as I felt his muscles contract as his cum was emptying from his balls and quickly shooting toward my womb. As I felt his cock pulsing, my vaginal muscles were constricting to desperately milk his sperm into me. It seemed like an eternity before his cock calmed leaving my womb flooded.

When Jason’s cock began to soften, he slowly pulled out as Bob got a close up video of the string of cum between his cock and my pussy. When I could get up, I grabbed his hand and pulled him to our bedroom. I looked at Bob and said, "I invited Jason to fuck me all weekend". Bob said, ""That’s why I told you to invite him Friday night". I smiled and got on the bed with my ass raised high and told Jason to fuck me. I was amazed that Jason was erect this soon, but I wasn’t complaining, neither was my husband.

I was fucked slow and steady for close to an hour. In this position, I could feel his cock deep, just like my husband, in one of our favorite positions. As Jason pushed forward, I pushed back. I reached under me and began to fondle his balls as his hand was fondling my breast, pinching my nipple. I moaned my pleasure as I saw Bob moving around with his video camera, he wanted all angles of Jason’s cock fucking in and out of my pussy. He was nude now, and his cock was hard as he watched and filmed his wife being fucked by a black man.

I was aware of the signals and knew Jason was ready to pump his cum into me again. I pushed into him and told him, "Fill me, FILL ME NOW, FUCK ME DEEEEEEEP". His cock began to pulse as he unloaded his hot cum deep into my womb. We sank flat on the bed and I felt his cock still throbbing to empty his balls. We were sweating and breathing hard as his cock slowly pulled from my pussy. Jason turned me over and spread my legs when he said, "Bob, take over, I need a drink. Fuck your wife for me". Bob put down his camera and climbed between my legs.

Bob’s cock felt good as he began pumping me into another orgasm. Two men for my pleasure I thought. My weekend was going to be the best ever. I saw Jason with a fresh drink in one hand and my black G-string in the other. I reached behind my neck to untie the baby-doll, as Jason said, "Yeah, baby, take if off. We will be able to fondle your boobs and suck you nipples better". I smiled and I knew I was going to agree to anything they told me to do. My pussy was burning with desire for their cocks and cum.

Bob filled my womb with more cum as I was screaming with another orgasm. He finally pulled out and Jason got on the bed and kept my legs spread out. He then buried his face in my pussy and began to lick out the three loads of cum. I wasn’t expecting that, but it turned me on that a man would eat his own and another man’s cum from my freshly fucked pussy. Bob had his video camera working overtime as he smiled at my pleasure, squirming and wiggling my ass to the mouth of my black lover. I was excited with this new situation. It was so naughty it caused me to squirt again with another orgasm.

Jason pulled me to the edge of the bed, my legs hanging down and my stomach laying on the bed. This was the way I was fucked at the party, but I didn’t feel Jason’s cock at my pussy. His hands were spreading my ass as his thumbs pressed against my anal sphincter. He leaned in and licked my ass and spit in my puckered opening. His thumbs worked into my ass spreading me open. Jason then licked my anus and probed the opening with his tongue adding more saliva lubricant. Then the bulbous head of his cock pushed into my ass.

I gritted my teeth as the initial pain spread through my body. Jason laid still until my sphincter began to spasm against his cock and then he inched further into me. The pain ebbed and a feeling of sexual euphoria began to build as more cock slid further and further into my bowels. Another shattering orgasm was building as my arms thrashed against the mattress, legs shook and I pushed back to get more cock to fill me. I began to scream unintelligently as Jason started rocking in and out. The feeling became incredible.

Jason wrapped his arms around me, rolled me onto the bed where my back was against his body. Jason then said, "Bob, she has an empty hole. Fuck your wife’s pussy before I cum in her ass. Bob got on the bed, still holding his video camera and pushed his cock into my soaked pussy. He now had a close up of me with two cocks filling me with only a thin layer of membrane between the two. I have never had such incredible sex before this weekend. I felt like a queen being worshiped by two men. Bob and I are being introduced to new positions and sexual genre. I had Bob and my black bull to satisfy my sexual appetite. I was now hoping there would be more of these two men in my future.

We continued without sleep until Sunday morning when we laid side by side, our bodies sweaty and lungs gasping for air. Bob went to the kitchen to make coffee and when he returned, he saw Jason’s cock buried in my pussy as we laid in a ‘spooning’ position. Jason had begun to fuck me again, but we had fallen asleep as we were coupled. Bob just climbed on the bed and fell asleep with us.

I woke Sunday evening, Jason was laying behind me with his cock deep in my pussy. I slowly pulled away and went to the bathroom to pee. In the mirror, I saw the ‘hickies’ on my neck and around my boobs, what a great time, I thought. I was sitting on the toilet when Bob came in and smiled. I finished urinating when Bob knelt in front of me, spread my legs and buried his face in my crotch and began to suck and lick the remaining cum oozing from me. Enjoyment he learned well from my black bull. Quietly, I asked Bob, "Honey, can we do this every weekend"? His eyes looked up at me and without taking his tongue out of me, he moaned, "Uh Huh". I was a pampered wife, just from teasing.

Reluctantly, when Jason was getting ready to leave, he said, "You can always take your lunch break in my office. No one ever disturbs me there."  I smiled and said, "How nice, I might be fucked by Mr. Strong before lunch, then I will have my black bull for lunch".  "Mr. Strong," asked Jason, "has he fucked you"? I said, "Yes, he watched those six guys fuck me at the party. He kept quiet during the ‘sexual harassment’ allegations because he wanted my pussy too". Bob began laughing and said, "My wife is such a tease, she will be coming home with a cum filled pussy. I guess, I’ll have to clean her before I get to fuck her".  "Sandy, you are such a slut," Jason said, "Maybe we will have to include those six men from the party". I just purred as I hugged Jason and rubbed his crotch.

I began to wonder, since I was going to be the office slut, a shopping spree was due. Shorter dresses and skirts, translucent blouses and shirts. All without panties or bras. Bob was right, I was a tease...I was going to continue to tease to please my husband, and now to include my black bull. My life has changed, I was now a slut with a desire to be fucked any time and anywhere. I had my loving husband to thank, he woke me to a world I didn’t know existed. Yes, I was a tease and I will forever be a tease.